Dragon Age 4 Release Date

Dragon Age 4 is coming in 2023

Jeff Grubb is known for leaking information that’s later proven to be true and he’s making a new claim about the Dragon Age series. He recently posted the latest episode of the GrubbSnax live show which includes an interesting section about the upcoming Dragon Age 4. 

The comments are mostly to alleviate any fears surrounding the game considering there have been multiple reports over the years about the game being rebooted. Grubb claims the game is “at least 18 months” away and that we shouldn’t expect to see it this year or early 2023. According to him, a late 2023 release is currently possible.

Grubb also commented on the possibility of a Dragon Age trilogy remaster. Sadly, it would seem that BioWare has no plans to remaster the original series. This seems to be because the games aren’t as interlinked as the Mast Effect trilogy since the games don’t directly lead into each other.

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