Dolmen PS5 Gameplay Preview

Mike Alexander
Is Dolmen on the PS5 worth playing and a worthy addition to the PlayStation line up?

A once thriving mining station has been destroyed. An interdimensional rift has opened nearby, unleashing an insectoid threat that burrowed its way in, claiming most of the planet and facilities for itself. Any other planet or mining system would have been fine, but this particular location was mining a crystal known as Dolmen, which is being studied for its usability in interdimensional travel.

The threat is unfeeling, unsympathetic, and perhaps worst of all, very territorial. It is up to you to travel to Revion Prime and reclaim the Dolemn facility so progress on the research can continue. The planet won’t be won back easily, but you’ll have plenty of weapons and energy powers to put up a good fight. Will you take back Revion Prime, or will your timeline be erased?

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A Sci-Fi Souls-like

Dolmen is an action RPG that wears its Dark Souls inspiration on its sleeve. Created by Massive Work Studio and published by Prime Matter, Dolmen will take you on a tough-as-nails interplanetary adventure to a world full of secrets and mystery.

Exploration, combat, and upgrades will be your focus for the duration of the game. Tense combat encounters will test your ability to stay calm and focused. Revion Prime is vast and unforgiving, so always be ready and expect the unexpected.

Monstrous Boss Encounters

Throughout Dolmen, you will need to eliminate the invaders of Revion Prime. Some of these critters are small and easily destroyed with a few shots from your guns, or a slash from your sword. 

However, other creatures won’t go down so easily. Dolmen features many unique boss encounters against some of the most monstrous enemies you’ve ever seen. Huge, mutated insects of all kinds lie in wait for you to stumble across them and meet your doom. Intricate attack patterns will test your reflexes and resolve. 

All while a hidden evil watches. The orchestrator of the insect infestation watches and tracks your progress remotely, waiting for you to become a true threat to his cause before he reveals himself…

Charged-Up Combat

Your fight against these various threats will be aided by an armory full of weapons. Whether you like to engage in ranged or close combat, Dolmen has several weapons for you.

For ranged weapons, you’ll have access to a number of guns including assault rifles, shotguns, bows, and explosive weapons. Close combat options include all manner of melee weapons including swords, axes, clubs, and shields.

Each weapon has its own sci-fi flavour to it, with moving parts and shining lights. Additionally, you will be able to use Energy Mode. Energy is used as the power source for your ranged weapons, but it is also used to enter a charged-up state where you do extra damage and elemental status effects to your targets. Juggling the use of ranged weapons while keeping enough energy to enter Energy Mode will be key to many of your battles.


Dolmen is shaping up to be another awesome sci-fi souls-like in the same vein as The Surge and Hellpoint. The game will be available on Xbox consoles, PlayStation 4 and 5, and PC on May 20th, 2022.


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