Dead or Alive Creator has started an NFT Game Development Studio


Dead or Alive is one of the world’s most popular fighting game franchises, and its creator, Tomonobu Itagaki, has announced his next project. Apex Game Studios is his new game development studio, and it appears to be focused on creating NFT games. The first game announced is Warrior, an MMORPG.

Warrior’s gameplay details are scarce, with Itagaki and Apex Game Studios focusing instead on the blockchain elements. In an interview with Coin Telegraph (, Itagaki stated that the goal of Warrior is to solve the GameFi issues. Warrior will be based on AAA game gameplay and will include an economic system supported by the exchange of assets through game activities.

The developers haven’t given us much information but the official website for Warrior ( contains slightly more detail. According to the website, it looks like a typical MMORPG but it comes with a unique companion mechanic called Mob Servants.


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