Chrono Cross Remastered Is Coming Soon!!


The Nvidia GeForce leak from September listed Chrono Cross which sparked a lot of speculation for the Chrono series. Since then, rumours have been flying about the potential for a new game, remake or remaster for Chrono Cross. Evidence is slowly appearing which suggests a Chrono Cross remake is coming.

Video Game Chronicle ( reported that PlayStation was going to be announcing a remake for a “big game” in December. In the XboxEra podcast, Nick Baker stated that the “big game” is Chrono Cross and that it’s not a PlayStation exclusive. The remaster will be multiplatform but it’s not clear if it will have an Xbox release.

The Game Awards 2021 show is set for December 9th and game announcements during the event are common. Considering Sony hasn’t announced a new State of Play presentation, Chrono Cross is expected to be announced during The Game Awards 2021 show.

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