China Stops approving new games?!

China’s video game regulator has stopped approving new games

The South China Morning Post ( has revealed that China’s video game regulator hasn’t approved a new title for release since July 2021. The National Press and Publication Administration (NPPA) hasn’t provided any explanation for this sudden stonewall despite the harm it’s doing.

Around 14,000 small studios and gaming related firms have gone out of business since July due to this approval delay. This includes companies involved in merchandising, advertising and publishing too. Some larger Chinese firms have also be cutting more staff to deal with this while others have been putting more resources towards overseas markets. This delay has also hurt TikTok owner ByteDance and the owner of WeChat, Tencent.

Chinese President Xi Jingping hasn’t been quiet about his concern for gaming addiction among the youth within the country. China has introduced various measures to limit how much young people can play video games. This includes a three-hour weekly gaming restriction for minors which was introduced in August.

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