Cancelled Scarface 2 Gameplay

Cancelled Scarface 2 gameplay has appeared

Mafia Game Videos, a YouTuber, has released previously unseen gameplay footage of the cancelled Scarface 2 game. Scarface 2 was cancelled after its developer, Radical Entertainment, was purchased by Activision in 2008. It was cancelled due to “too many games in development” at the time, with many of them remaining unreleased, including a cancelled Jason Bourne game called Treadstone.

Scarface: Empire was widely anticipated at the time due to the success of the original Scarface game released in 2006. The released gameplay footage is pre-alpha, but it gives us a good look at what could have been another great game. Naturally, it looks dated now, but this is the only Scarface 2 footage available.

Mafia Game Videos also released a video of the never-released Jason Bourne game Treadstone.This is yet another game that was in development by Radical Entertainment before being purchased by Activision, who later cancelled it due to “too many games in development.”


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