Bethesda Launcher Migration Begins

Bethesda Launcher migration to Steam begins this month

Bethesda announced in February that it would discontinue the standalone Bethesda Launcher and instead move all titles to Steam. There were few details on how this would work, but Bethesda has finally revealed its plans.

Bethesda states on its official website that users will be able to migrate their games and Wallet From that point forward, users can transfer their Bethesda Launcher library to their Steam account.

The Bethesda Launcher will continue to launch games until May 11th, but users should begin the migration process as soon as possible. Most purchases and game saves can be transferred to Steam, but others may necessitate manual copying. Some of the launcher’s games and services may still require a account to access certain features.

Bethesda will send out detailed instructions as the account migration date approaches.


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