Bayonetta 3 Preview

Bayonetta 3 will release in 2022

After years of waiting for news about the game, fans finally have a release window and a gameplay trailer to go with it. There’s still no release date but it’s obvious we don’t need to wait much longer for Bayonetta 3.

The trailer did throw a minor joke in the mix about the the long delay between the reveal of Bayonetta 3, the reveal and release. The gameplay trailer features plenty of combat, stylish action and chaotic destruction too. The end of the trailer also teases a new character who looks a little bit similar to the protagonist from the canceled Scalebound game from Platinum Games.

Bayonetta 3 was announced in 2017 for Nintendo Switch. It’s finally been announced the game will be coming in 2022.

If you missed the Nintendo Direct live broadcast and want to watch the full event, you can catch it on Youtube. The full 40 minute Nintendo Direct is available on Youtube here:

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