Battlefield 2042 Better on Xbox?

Is it possible that Battlefield 2042 performs better on Xbox than it does on PC?

The first technical test of the upcoming Battlefield 2042 is now live for a few users who have been able to test it. Tom Henderson, the renowned leaker who previously shared a lot of correct information about the saga, has stated that the Xbox Series X version works much more fluid than the PC version, something that has raised quite a few blisters among fans. But, is it really possible, for a game to perform better on consoles than on PC or did you just say it because of your personal impressions?

Of course, we must keep in mind that we are currently in the midst of the first technical test for Battlefield 2042, and that the final version will differ significantly from the one we have today. That being said, keep in mind that the console gaming experience is always consistent, whereas the PC experience varies drastically depending on the hardware you have. Additionally, as a reminder, Battlefield 2042’s final version will be compliant with NVIDIA DLSS and NVIDIA Reflex on PC.

Is it feasible that Battlefield 2042 will perform better on consoles than on PC?

Battlefield 2042’s initial technical test was meant to take place on PlayStation 5 consoles as well, but a problem stopped PS5 gamers from testing the game over the weekend. Battlefield 2042 will be playable again in September, prior to its October 22 release date, as a new open Beta period is planned, to which all players will have access in theory.

But, for the time being, and based solely on the first impressions of users who have been able to test the game in the technical test, we can already have a sense of what to expect from this title. For the time being, we have already indicated that the game runs far more smoothly on Xbox Series X than on PC, but we have also noted that the PC experience, regardless of who it weights, is heavily dependent on the hardware.

That being said, we don’t know which PC platform this person used to test Battlefield 2042, but there’s a chance they didn’t have a powerful enough graphics card to move the game smoothly, or perhaps they didn’t even use a GPU with DLSS or Reflex technology from NVIDIA in the next PC version of the game.

Battlefield 2042 NVIDIA

To put it another way, is it feasible that a game performs better on a console than on a PC? Without a doubt! To begin with, consoles have fixed hardware, and video game creators may optimize their operations to get the most out of the hardware, whereas this does not happen on PC (at most, we can find games optimized for certain generations of graphics cards).

Apart from that, we must consider two factors: on one hand, we do not know the hardware used by this user on PC so that he can confirm that the Xbox version works more fluidly, and on the other hand, the PC version of this NVIDIA DLSS ‘first technical test lacked for the time being, which will undoubtedly have affected its performance (at least in comparison).

Finally, certainly it is possible that a game works better on consoles than on PC due to optimisation (and let’s not even talk about “ports”), but this is unlikely as long as the PC in question has sufficient capacity to enjoy the game under conditions.

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