Babylon’s Fall PS5 Gameplay Review

Mike Alexander
Babylon’s Fall PS5 Gameplay Preview. We take a closer look at Babylon’s Fall on Playstation 5. Looking at the PS5 Gameplay, the mechanics and bombastic hack and slash story of Babylons Fall.

If any studio is going to take a strange concept and turn it into a bombastic, ultra-stylish action game, that studio would be Platinum Games. If that name isn’t familiar to you, you’ve probably missed out on some of the best games of the past decade or so, including Madworld, Vanquish, both Bayonetta games, Wonderful 101, Astral Chain, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, and Neir Automata. Every single one of these games, for whatever faults they have, are all insanely cool action games with bombastic setpieces and tight, gratifying gameplay.

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Digging a little deeper into the origins of the studio, the quality of all of their releases shouldn’t be a surprise. Platinum Games was founded by the minds that brought us the blockbuster series Resident Evil and Devil May Cry, as well as a few smaller but still high-quality games like Viewtiful Joe and Okami. With a pedigree like that, there was no doubt that Platinum Games was destined for greatness, and their next big game is just around the corner and that game is Babylon’s Fall.

Babylon’s Fall is a role-playing hack and slash game that will be published by Square Enix. Most of the action will occur on missions that have you ascending the Ziggurat, an imposing tower full of enemies. You will play as a Sentinel, a kind of warrior in this magical fantasy world, and engage the enemies on each floor of the Ziggurat with a number of weapons. These weapons will fall into one of five classes: swords, staffs, bows, shields, and hammers. Your character will be able to carry two weapons on them at any given time, though a bonus set of weapons can be carried in a spectral armory you carry called “Gideon’s Coffin”. This device can carry an additional two weapons, although their use depends on a bar that is quickly depleted and regenerates slowly. 

It will be easy to be overcome by the many enemies on your missions, but thankfully you can go in with up to three of your friends for frantic 4 player co-op. You can meet up with the other Sentinels at Sentinel Force HQ in between missions. It serves as a safe zone where you can visit shops to purchase upgrades and gear, coordinate with other live players, and chart out your next mission. If you’ve played Destiny 2, it appears to be much like the Tower from that game. This leads me to believe that Babylon’s Fall will be a persistent online experience like Destiny, although that is not how it is presenting itself in early trailers.

It is worth noting that early previews of the game have not been particularly positive, calling the game out for feeling bland and having uninspired mission design. Since this might be Platinum Game’s first shot at a type of constantly evolving, live service game, it very possible this could be the case at release. Will Babylon’s Fall tarnish Platinum’s otherwise spotless reputation? Only time will tell, but as the company’s slogan says, “Platinum maintains its luster forever”.  


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