Are Id Software Making a New Quake?

Id Software is hiring for an “iconic action FPS” series

ZeniMax has posted a range of new job vacancies on their jobs page which has sparked a lot of new rumours. Based on the job listings, it’s clear that Id Software is hiring people for a new project relating to “an iconic action FPS” series. This has led to a lot of suggestion and hope it might be related to Quake.

One of the job listings is for an Environment Concept Artist ( which openly states the role is for a team relating to the “development of a long-running iconic Action FPS”. The listing for a Senior Technical Animator/Character TD ( also mentions the applicant will work on a “long-running iconic action FPS”. Other listings also reference “sci-fi and fantasy environments” which would certainly fit the style of the Quake series.

There’s no way to know if Id Software is working on a new Quake game or a remaster considering the second game will be 25 years old next year. Hopefully there will be some kind of announcement about this n the future but we’re unlikely to hear a new Quake game being announced outside of E3 or QuakeCon.

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