Antoine Henry leaves Ubisoft

Skull & Bones loses its Co-Director as Antoine Henry leaves Ubisoft

The upcoming Skull & Bones game has already had a troubling development period. The game was revealed in 2017, and a lot has happened since then. One of the co-directors has now departed from Ubisoft and the Skull & Bones team.

Antoine Henry, a Ubisoft veteran, has publicly stated on LinkedIn ( that he has left the organization after nearly 15 years. Henry anticipates “new exciting adventures very soon.” He also goes on to say he’s “thankful for the people” he’s met and hopes he’s been able to “give back a little bit.” The next professional move for the developer and co-director are yet to be revealed.

Henry had been working on Skull & Bones since 2014. Ubisoft confirmed the development process for Skull & Bones was rebooted in 2020. 

Skull & Bones is expected to release in the 2022-2023 fiscal year and there’s still no official releast date yet.

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