AMD Zen 4 CPUs with integrated GPU

AMD’s Zen 4 CPUs will all feature GPUs, mirroring Intel’s strategy!

There is still a year to go before the next big leap in the Zen architecture, the fourth generation, which will reach our PCs under the original name of Zen 4. However, new information is coming out about this new architecture and the different processors that make it up. The latest? The surprising revelation that the entire Zen 4 range could have an integrated GPU based on RDNA 2.

We’ve already seen the RDNA 2 graphics architecture included in the market’s newest APUs for gaming consoles, from the new consoles announced less than a year ago by SONY and Microsoft to Valve’s upcoming Steam Deck. They all have an embedded GPU with varying specifications but a common architecture, RDNA 2.

That is why we should not be surprised that future AMD APUs will also integrate a graphics card with this architecture. However, it does not seem that they will be the only ones, and it seems that AMD could follow Intel’s lead and launch models with integrated GPUs in its future range of desktop CPUs.

The AMD Ryzen “Raphael” Zen 4, with integrated GPU RDNA 2?

Through a leak coming from the documentation of the future Socket AM5, we can see a major change in the way AMD is going to approach its desktop CPUs based on Zen 4. They have the codename Raphael, following AMD’s trend of using famous historical painters to name their future PC processors.

According to the datasheet, we will see Zen 4 CPUs with integrated RDNA 2 GPU, which might in theory allude to Zen 4-based notebook APUs transferred to socket AM5, which we do not expect before 2023. A move similar to what AMD has done with the AMD Ryzen 5000G, although if we recall from AMD’s own leaked roadmaps, there were allusions to Navi 2/RDNA 2 implementations on Zen 4 “Raphael.”

RDNA 2 Raphael Zen 4

What surprises you about this information? Raphael is simply the successor to the existing desktop Ryzen 5000 or “Vermeer.” Moreover, CPUs can’t match the performance of APUs due to the presence of a dedicated GPU.

AMD AM5 Zen 4 integrated GPU versions

This implies that AMD created a second IOD with integrated graphics, similar to an APU but based on chiplets. The new IOD would also have an integrated display driver and video codec, which are always included with any GPU. It should be emphasized, however, that this information could pertain to Phoenix, the codename for the 2023 successor to Rembrandt and Raphael.

According to the leaked diagram of the Socket AM5 specs, it contains connections to HDMI 2.1 and DisplayPort 2.0 video outputs. In theory, this would not prove anything, considering that AM4 already has multiple APUs with integrated graphics. However, we will learn more about these possible AMD Raphael-based Zen 4 processors with integrated GPU RDNA 2 in the future weeks or months.


3D Platformers ARE BACK!
3D Platformers ARE BACK!

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