Aliens: Dark Descent Revealed

Aliens: Dark Descent Revealed for 2023

Aliens: Dark Descent was revealed during the Summer Game Fest by Focus Entertainment and Tindalos Interactive. It was mostly a cinematic trailer and we don’t have too much information about it yet. The upcoming new Alien game will pit players against Xenomorphs in real-time combat.

It’s being described as a “single player, squad-based” game where players act as the commander for a group of Colonial Marines. The description of the trailer states that “foes will adapt their tactics” to the actions of the player and confirms that death is permanent. We also know there’s some kind of base building elements, a research tree to unlock new technology and it involves resource management.

Aliens: Dark Descent will release for all current PlayStation and Xbox consoles in addition to PC via Steam. There is no exact release date yet but each version of Aliens: Dark Descent is expected to release in 2023.


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