Alan Wake Remastered Is Here

Alan Wake Remastered Officially Announced

Remedy Entertainment has now confirmed that Alan Wake Remastered is coming. Creative Director, Sam Lake, wrote about the upcoming remaster on the Alan Wake and Remedy Entertainment fansite The Sudden Stop.

Lake started the letter by stating “this is for you” and confirmed that the work on the game is almost complete. The remastered versions will be coming with both expansions for the game and will feature 4K resolution to go with it. It was also revealed that Alan Wake Remastered will come with commentary from Sam Lake.

Sadly, a release date was not included in the announcement. The letter from Sam Lake on The Sudden Stop mentions that Alan Wake Remastered will release this fall. Leaks about the game have previously given it an October 5th release date which would match this window. It’s thought that the release date will be revealed at the PlayStation Showcase this week.


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