Alan Wake Remastered Leaked

Alan Wake Remastered has been leaked by a shop listing in Taiwan.

While a remastered version of Alan Wake hasn’t been announced yet, it seems as though it’s been leaked thanks to a store listing. Pre-orders for console versions of “Alan Wake Remastered” have appeared on a Taiwanese website.

Various games have been leaked in the past from the Rakuten website posting their pages before their official announcement. The Xbox One version of the game was posted early on the website for pre-orders but has since been taken down. However, another website called Ruten still has the PlayStation 4 version page online.

Twitter user Wario64 posted about the Alan Wake Remastered that was available for pre-orders on Rakuten which included a PlayStation 5 version. There’s not much information in the listings about Alan Wake Remastered. There has been no official announcement about this so far though according to the listings, it will release October 5th. The PlayStation Showcase on September 9th might well be the planned reveal date for this remaster.


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New Console Coming? Half Life 2 on Switch & More

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