A Razer Handheld is Coming?!

Razer seems to be creating a new gaming handheld device

Qualcomm is not a well-known name in gaming but the brand has worked on various mobile phone technologies in the past and now they’ve teamed up with Razer. Graphics card focused website VideoCardz has received some images showing the upcoming Snapdragon handheld device. The images come from a slideshow about upcoming products for 2022 from the company.

image VideoCardz

According to the information provided, the Qualcomm and Razer collaboration is a handheld gaming device which will be advertised as a game streaming device. It will support Xbox Game Cloud for streaming from a local console and also a PC.

The Snapdragon G3x features a 120Hz HDR OLED display and has a large battery for better handheld gaming. Interestingly, it will have a rear camera that allows for 8k HDR video recording with 18-bit colour. This is also confirmed to run the Android operating system.

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